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High School Diploma

GED or GED Online is a General Education Development testing program that allows students to apply for an equivalency certificate. At Titan High School you can earn yourself a regular diploma which is better than a GED or GED Online program. Once you have a Titan High School Diploma, you can apply for better jobs. There are many institutions or companies who would prefer a regular diploma as compared to any other educational program. So why go through the hassle of getting into a GED Online program when you can earn yourself a regular high school diploma.

  • To Earn an Accredited High School Diploma
  • To be eligible for employment or jobs
  • To get promotion or grow within your organization
  • To get admission to an educational or Training institution
  • To attain personal satisfaction
  • You can only get a diploma once you have passed online equivalency test
  • Pass your test and earn an accredited High School Diploma Online
  • We don't provide diploma on Life Experience
  • Better than  GED and hassle free process
  • Yes, You can get a better Job
  • Application process is completely Free!

High School Diploma

Do you want an Online GED, GED or an Accredited High School Diploma?
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An Accredited Online High School Diploma Program is far better than a GED Online.When you register for a GED Online or GED Test Online you have to pay every time you attempt the test where as at Titan you have a completely free Application process. Free online high school equivalency test for adults. The Titan Online high school Equivalency Test can be attempted unlimited times completely free of cost. A General Education Development program cannot be earned online, since there are no GED Online classes offered, you would have to either quit your job or take time off so that you can attend GED classes. GED Online programs have not been initiated as yet so you can never gain it from your home. With Titan’s accredited online High School diploma program you can earn yourself a regular high school diploma online without any hassle, at your own pace and from your home. Compared to any GED Online or GED Test Online, a regular High School Diploma online is a much better choice. With Titan’s accredited online High School Diploma Program, you can now apply for better jobs or put yourself in a better position to grow in the same organization where you are currently working. A regular High School Diploma online would look much better on your college application compared to a GED Online or a GED Test Online.

You can now apply for better jobs or you can get a better position and grow in the same organization where you are currently working. You can also get admission into better colleges as compared to if you had a GED or GED Online.

Titan High School Diploma Scholarship Program

Since our judgment criteria is based on a free online high school equivalency test, we provide students with appropriate fee exemptions and scholarship discounts according to the student’s score in the free online equivalency test. These Scholarship discounts can only be availed through a student counselor. You can call on the school’s toll free number and talk to our student counselors any time. So try to get good marks on your free online test and earn yourself a Scholarship Discount.
(Terms and Conditions Apply)

Titan High School diploma

Titan offers a fast accredited online High School Diploma program, which can be completed in just a couple of days. For those who have not finished their nationally accredited diploma or left high school with just a few credits, now have one more chance to complete their course with Titan. At Titan High School, just taking our fast online equivalency test qualifies you for your regular high school diploma.

Accredited Online High School diploma verses GED Online. GED or GED Online is a General Educational Development program, which is a high school diploma equivalency test. If you had to drop out of high school to help the family and have not finished your nationally accredited diploma or because you just didn't think that the nationally accredited diploma was important and now, you are struggling to make ends meet, what do you do? But can you get a job with a GED Online Test or attend college just as you would, if you would’ve finished your regular high school diploma program? The answer is yes. So which one to choose? The choice is yours.

Come Join Titan’s accredited high school diploma program to get your nationally accredited diploma and let us help you in getting employed, a promotion within your organization or proceed for further education. Titan High has been awarded the best accredited high school online of the year by Council for Accreditation of Online High Schools.

A High school diploma is a formal document regulated by the state certifying the successful completion of a prescribed secondary school program of studies. In some states or communities, a regular high school diploma is differentiated by type, such as an academic diploma, a general diploma, or a vocational diploma, or a GED online. It is a diploma awarded for the completion of high school. This also includes diploma through accredited online high school. In the United States and Canada, it is considered the minimum education requirement for government jobs and higher education. An equivalent is the GED online. So join Titan's online high school program which is surely a better choice than a GED online.

A High school equivalency program certificate is a formal document certifying that an individual has met the state requirements for high school graduation equivalency by obtaining satisfactory scores on an approved examination and meeting other performance requirements (if any) set by a state education agency or other appropriate body to get a regular high school diploma. One particular version of this certificate is the GED or GED Online. The GED (General Educational Development) test is a comprehensive test used primarily to appraise the educational development of students who have not completed their formal regular high school diploma education and who may earn a high school equivalency program certificate through achieving satisfactory scores. GED online is awarded by the states or other agencies, and the test is developed and distributed by the GED Online Testing Service of the American Council on Education.

You can apply online through our option of taking the GED test online for Online High School Diploma. Click here.

Just by passing these four courses you will be eligible and qualified for your high school diploma from Titan High School.

You can apply online through our option of taking the GED Online equivalency test for Titan High School. Click here. Take our online equivalency test for free to get your Online High School Diploma from Titan high school.

So Now! You should not waste your time, thinking of getting a high school diploma. Get your fully accredited diploma online from Titan high, recognized throughout and serving since decades with success and great achievement in helping students to get accredited diplomas via online high school

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High School Online Equivalency Test
"The Free Online High School Equivalency Test is there to measure your Educational Maturity which is gained by work experience or life experience, which is usually equal to or above the level of a high school graduate."
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